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IKO Certificates are issued

We teach according to the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) methodology, because IKO training programs are safe, detailed and effective

Latest Kiteboarding Equipment

The student (s) is / are fully equipped with the latest kiteboarding equipment: kite, harness, wetsuit, other required accessories, as well as a helmet and a life jacket

Certified instructors

All 2kite School instructors have IKO organization training certificates.





1 hour

60 €

Discovery course

110 €

2 hour course

Intermediate course

300 €

6 hour course

Independent course

420 €

9 hour course

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Client information


Trainings during the summer usually take place in the Curonian Lagoon, Svencelė - a lot of space to launch/ land the kite, smooth wind, shallow water. Training is also taking place on the Baltic coast. Summer or winter studies can also take place in any place desired by the student in Lithuania, if there are suitable conditions for studying.